Video: Classic Hits – Ale One's Book Signing

By - Monday, July 30th, 2012

This video from Hip Hop 101 and Surpass Media gives a glimpse into the incredible reunion of legendary graffiti writers who came out for Ale One’s Classic Hits book signing at Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn. With many of the most historic figures from the history of the culture including Taki 183, Blade, Mico, Bama, and Snake 1 to name just a few of the greats in attendance. Check out the video above and scroll down to read the filmmakers account of the evening. From the video: I have to say that I never thought I would be in same place as all of the Legends. I was first a fan back in 1973, that’s the year I first played hookey, my first bud, my first sip of beer, and my first El-Marko Magic Marker Graffiti was everywhere tags upon tags, Piper, Moses 147, and Ross were the first people I really paid attention to on the 1 train their Pieces were monumental to me. On the inside it was dudes like StayHigh, FDT, and Clyde but then again I saw there tags everywhere. So those are the dudes who inspired me to write initially. Which brings me to this Post that I am writing now. My Cousin Will Power and I did this event at Gallery 69 when we heard about this book that about to be released the title “Classic Hit’s” sounds like some Mob shit, but it was all about the Pioneering graffiti artist of the early 70’s authored by Ale 1 and Skay. That was enough for me as I am an ex-writer, I was curious and wanted to check it so my Cuz and I went and damn, if this wasn’t a classic event I don’t know what is. In attendance You had nothing but Legends like Taki 183, Joe 182, Lava 1and2, Blade, King2, Clyde, FDT, Crane, Tav, Vamm, Bama, Oui, Dime, ChiChi, Checker,Kool Kito, Flint…, Flint707, Bot707, Nic707, Mico, Snake1, Kit17, and some younger legends as well Toe, Coke1, AZ1, Slave, Snooze and Spar. I know I am forgetting some people that were there like Skay’s Nephew who Blade say’s looks like the kid from 2 1/2 men, personally Blade, I agree. He totally does look like him but I could tell he’s heard that a lot so I disagreed with you at the time. This event was reminiscent of the Avengers assembling, I had never seen this many writer’s of that particular generation together at one time. I watched my cousin go crazy chasing Tags, he looked like a 70’s kid waiting to meet Evil Knievel or something. All I know is he got damn near everyone’s Tag and kept a shit eating grin for day’s after. The event was off the meter it’s just sad StayHigh, Pnut 2 and IZ the Wiz were not around (May God Bless them). The Book is Crazy all first hand accounts of their experiences, lot’s of photos. This book made me feel like I was 8 years old again watching the Masterpieces go by. If you don’t have it cop it, there is not another Graff Book like it… Oh yea and Boot’s 119 he was there too!

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