Video Connoisseur: Goose ias

By - Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

As a connoisseur of a wide array of film based medias I have to say that one of my most accessible tastes is the genre of personal and candid documentary shorts. This one was put together by the group of friends at SBP film. Good angles, nice edits, good post production, these SBP dudes are my prospective film makers list. Don’t say I told you so when these guys put together some real killer stuff that blows everyone away. But enough about them, how about that Goose ias? Dude sure does get it in. You’d know that like you knew the back of your hand if you were from Philly, Bro doesn’t really play the global scene. I really mean to say not many of us can play the global scene, we’ve all got grown-ass-man shit we got to take care of. For Goose one of those grown-ass-man things is making sure the tradition of graffiti in Philly stays strong, certainly a cause worthy of any genuine artist’s efforts. He embodies the Philly attitude just as much as the next dude, but more then Philly, every city has got the guys who think “not my city not important” and really what is a writer without their hometown? Their roots? Their origins? Everyone’s got a certain style they learn to play the graff game in and some people never go beyond that. It’s a bad thing, if anything it’s a noble thing. To keep the roots of a specific style alive amidst the global jungle of styles re-cloned and re-cloned again is to practice authenticity. This video is a relatively recent addition to the global archive of graffiti that exists on the internet. Regardless, it is a valuable piece if you want to get inside the head of your regular Philly slam addict and learn a lesson in keep’n shit real. To top it all off it bumps along to the boom bip of a classic by Gangstarr.

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