Video Connoisseur: Grey pvc Cameo Towe Tei and Kylie Minogue

By - Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Sometime Samurai from on Vimeo.

In the second installment of the Video Connoisseur’s secret collection, we look at the the highlight tape of career-graffiti extraordinaire, Grey Pvc. He collabs with Kylie Minogue and Towa Tei on this one; a tasteful montage for a song with breaks and edits in the same vain of this dude’s style. I’m from philly, but that doesnt stop me from appreciating the unique aesthetic and craft of a pioneer writer from another city and another scene, not that Grey has ever been restricted to one state. The story goes that Grey started in San Fran and later took extensive graffiti tours of the country and world. In all my expertise, I’d say that by sometime around 2005, maybe even a few years earlier, the world finally recognized him as a global, graffiti-gadabout alongside his trusty companion Amaze pvc and also as an artist on the fringe ends of Barry Mcgee’s (Twister) high-class, low-brow, social circle. Carried by van wheels, open roads and airplanes but funded by raw, criminal, economy (the way most of the world’s roughest and toughest writers find funds) Grey explored the world and left his mark, and shoplifted a ton, just like a good criminal, artist should. This video shows him in his all his daily, habitual, glory; waking up in the cheapest of rooms covered in grimiest and sludgiest paints, old-school scheming the vending machines, catching fire extinguisher tags and riding vespers. This is as much a biographical piece as it is a catchy tune. Take some notes.

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