Video Connoisseur: GZA, RZA, Bill Murray In "Coffee and Cigarettes"

By - Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

One of my favorites scenes from the black and white movie “Coffee and Cigarettes” by Jim Jarmusch. The whole movie is a sequence of vignettes all pertaining to the dialogues between artists and actors while under the influence of coffee and cigarettes. Anyone down to slug a few cups of joe and smoke a few boges is my kind of people. The best conversations and black book sessions that I’ve had in my own travels were under the influence of coffee and bummed cigs. I feel this movie, I can relate to it’s foundation. Even more then the movie as a whole I can really get into this specific scene dictated by the dialogue of Bill Murray, the master of sarcasm and The RZA and The GZA, the masters of Shaolin. I wonder. What kind of rap, rhymes and punchlines do RZA, GZA and Bill Murray write? If only I was there with a four-color, Bic pen and a notebook of school paper to turn the party around and upside down into a nonstop hand style exchange then would I have had a masterclass in wit. Truly some wise guys, the perfect role models for a street demeanor. For that reason I had to bring this one out of the deepest recesses of my character’s memory and put it on the Video Connoisseur’s list.

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