Video Connoisseur: Hyper Irony Meets Contemporary Rap

By - Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

A recent edition to my personal collection of favorite videos is this straight bizarre Eric Wareheim video for Major Lazer’s song “bubble butt”. Any connoisseur of fine video trash would recognize the union of wierdo, hyper-hipster irony delivered by Eric Warehiem of “Tim and Eric” fame and the super hype from contemporary rappers, Major Lazer, 2 Chains, Tyga, Bruno Mars and Mystic as a interesting mix. The video is a step in a new direction for rap videos but one not far from the steez of earlier rap-video deviants Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot. The video was uploaded by the main smart-ass himself, Eric so it most definitely a legitimate piece of work from the comedian and the rappers. But rather then being weird for the sake of being weird the video has a real context. In a climate of popular film being so overly epic and serious, this bizarre nonsensical humor is the perfect retaliation in the on going culture war over the dominant front. The video sends the message to other artists “its okay to do what you want with your work don’t be afraid have a sense of humor, go ahead include a four story Butt-zilla”. It may seem weird to some of it’s audience (and it is rightfully so to a certain school and tradition of rappers) but the message to them is something along the lines of “chill out, don’t take this rap game to seriously, their all actors and party animals anyway, just laugh and have a good time because it’s as sure as night and day that they are”. Well played Major Lazer and Eric Wareheim.

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