Video Connoisseur: The main mayne Rame kmd

By - Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

The wicket-technicians of North Philly have claimed Rame as one of their champions and I have put the video into my personal cache of ammo for the blunt dialogues. No one does a Wicket like those Latino bulls up on Lehigh and any question you ever had about the wicket game is answered here. Listen to this mean ass dude drop knowledge about the rules and regulations of the cesspool the wicket game grew out of from the safety of your computer screen. Its not only Rame giving a good insight into the game, its the big dogs at Infamous pushing the right questions to ask. They really know their graffiti, picking this dude to do a little documentary interview with was a good choice. It’s real, its intimate, its personable. Rame tells it like it is, preaching respect the history and push it the envelope. If you can’t follow the man’s monologue anymore then try figuring out that way-to-wicked philly script on the wall in the background, the dude talks a mean game, and sure knows how to back it up. One thing those Infamous guys are saying is to find the dudes that are really putting in work and give them a spotlight to let the world know. I hope to hear about every city’s unspoken MVP pretty soon. Do your part and document the important part of your scene before its long gone and forgotten. Have something to show your deadbeat grand-kids. Post Script: take notes on that accent boys and girls. if your gonna be king one day you got to play the part.

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