Video Connoisseur: Three Bad Philly Guys; Mad, End, Drope

By - Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Here’s a great video. The perfect video for the fourth installment of the Video Connoisseur series. All three of these guys in this video are bad dudes: Mad, End and Drope. There’s a reason why these dudes can make a video with a cover of Tears for Fear’s “mad world” by Gary Jules. It’s because they’re bad news dudes, everyone in Philly knows it and they know it. Its part common knowledge and part urban legend, but these guys are from a not-to-much older generation carrying the torch of the tall hand, arguably championed by kadism and Boza. But to give those two old guys all the credit for pushing the philly tall hand is to do an injustice to all the other writers who put so much time in to make the philly style what it is. I can’t start naming anymore writers because it would take me weeks to write down all the names of the past’s fallen street soldiers. But right now it’s these guys, Mad, End, and Drope that need to be given the street’s purple heart. They have mastered the tall hand. They have the game down to a constant systematic recreation. Every slam they catch is an nod to past and a shot into the future for Philly hands. But don’t get me wrong, its just one video of three dudes, its not just them but all their affiliates, cohorts and colleagues pushin’ the game further as well. Too many names to mention, but by mentioning just one video… a whole generation, a whole culture of people sitting somewhere in between criminal and artist are recognized. I feel this video. I hear their struggle. I see everything they live for in the contours, flares and cutbacks of the hands they drop. Hopefully one day, the calligraphers of Philly will be put into art history books to remind us of the blight that plagued the peoples left behind and forgotten by a fucked up metropolitan system. Serious shit in this vid, it goes on my favorites list for sure.

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