VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About Graffiti by Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes

By - Thursday, May 7th, 2015

It is expected, within a subculture whose proponents spend their lives planning to commit crimes, that this underground community takes itself a bit seriously. However, there is always the possibility of exercising the wealth of comedy inherent in such a complete, underground act. 

Graffiti is a culture that is replete with little rituals and processes that often go overlooked. From the religious planning that goes into the act, the seriousness of disobeying its unwritten rules and the mentality that gives the culture such a huge personality, there is untapped potential to derive humour from every aspect. 

Lush is a graffiti writer who has fully capitalised on this wealth of elements. Lush’s sense of humor is evident in his artistic criticisms of the presumed difference between graffiti and street art, the constant desire to write on absolutely everything, how graffiti affects a writer’s life or just how seriously we take scribbling on a wall. Having originated in the style of traditional graffiti, his work now manifests itself in a number of different forms – from ordinary painting to sculpture and installation, he occupies an intriguing space between pure, hardcore graffiti and street art…although we’re sure he would disagree. 

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But, aside from Lush, where else are we to look for this brand of comedy? Who else has the right mix of sincerity, knowledge and humour that would make for a proper comment? Apparently, to our detractors and critics. 

First up (see video above), we have Gavin McInnes, writer, creative director and co-founder of VICE magazine, a deeply concerned member of the community, who takes us through the ins and outs of the visual elements of the graffiti [under]world. Focusing entirely on tagging, Gavin dissects what graffiti means to him. 

For those who are more “artistically” inclined, there is Brooklyn: For Real – Artist, following a (fictional?) street artist named ‘Stick’ on a journey around the city. Defining himself as “a poet, whose primary medium of expression is crime,” Stick lays heavy emphasis on the ideology throughout, mirroring a lot of the commonplace poetry and empty metaphors that are purportedly rooted in wider contemporary art circles. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 21.11.59

We won’t go into too many details regarding the content in fear of ruining it. Though it is safe to say that the two practitioners in the videos display an interesting, yet fairly unrepresented element of this culture. We often come across letter pieces like this on the internet that openly display the funny side of literally writing on walls, so what else could we do?

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