Video: Futura Interview with Canal Street

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The latest interview with Futura was filmed in Paris, coinciding with his exhibition, Expansions, which recently opened at Galerie Jerome de Noirmont.

In this interview He talks about how he doesn’t like going by Futura 2000 anymore because when he chose that name 2000 represented the future, and that he never imagined that that after painted for 30 years he’d still be going strong. He suggest that perhaps he should now go by Futura 2050 because he’s got at least another 30 years in him.

Futura also talks about how graffiti writers around the world used to be on a mission to paint trains in every city but now the momentum has moved to the streets. But not in the form of street bombing but rather in the form of using a jig lift to paint huge murals and how if you aren’t painting on that scale today you aren’t taken seriously. An interesting observation on the transition of scale from whole cars to whole buildings, and from being perceived as a “vandal” to being recognized as an “artist.”

Source: Canal Street

Futura 2000,
Galerie Jerome de Noirmont,

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