Video: HOTTEA "Rituals" by Patrick Sullivan

By - Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

RITUALS from Hot Tea on Vimeo.

HOTTEA’s “Rituals” is a site-specific installation piece created with yarn on the pedestrian path of the Williamsburg Bridge that connects Manhattan to South Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY. After the initial attempt in the summer of 2012 was cut short by the NYPD, HOTTEA decided to make another effort at a successful install of this complicated, time-consuming production. Over 1,400 individual strands in a total of 11 different colors were used representing an impressive 2,800 double-knots. After an exhausting, laborious 11 hours, the piece was finally completed consistent with its original vision. The result was an immersive experience that encouraged the viewer to slow the pace of their traditionally busy New York-lifestyle and take in their surroundings. The response was overwhelmingly positive and, according to the assistants that participated, over a hundred pedestrians stopped to offer their support, take photos to share on Instagram and generally appreciate the work. “I participated because [HOTTEA] is a close friend of mine, but my motivations changed immediately as the support from the locals, tourists and random pedestrians was profoundly moving. Literally everyone that saw the piece stopped to admire it and express their profuse gratitude for our work that day. I have been actively engaged in the graffiti/street art cultures for many years and never have I seen a piece evoke such a strong and immediate response from those inside and outside of these communities,” said frequent HOTTEA collaborator, Disco Bryso. A spectrum of color was created 11 feet high spanning almost 300 feet. The views, as depicted in the exclusive photos included here, were spectacular both from above and from below. News outlets such as The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Wooster Collective & Juxtapoz offered coverage of the monumental project. Additionally, 12ozProphet contributor, Patrick Sullivan, was invited to participate by documenting the installation from start to finish. The results can be seen by viewing the video, also included, in this post. Shot with a total of 3 cameras, a tripod and several iPhones, the 3-minute clip is a well-edited, slick, video intended to accompany the work done on the bridge and capture the efforts of HOTTEA and his team. When asked about his motivation for the project, HOTTEA had this to say, “I wanted to transform the space so that people had a hard time envisioning the space prior to the installation. I wanted to create a piece that didn’t appear forced, but instead complimented the space and used the architecture of the bridge to add to the installation.” During his most recent visit he stayed with a friend in Brooklyn, and so, chose to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge as his primary means of transport. It was this, “Ritual” that inspired the name behind the colorful art piece. See more photos of the installation here.

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