Video: Lead AOK DNA in the Oakland Tunnel

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Oink Art Ltd is back at it again with their latest graffiti video. This clip features Lead AOK DNA putting the new spray paint brand Fresh Paint to work, braving the menacing and convoluted tunnels of Oakland California. Follow Lead as he charges head first into the darkness with deft hands and a sure foot.

This video was posted on Bates’ blog on 12ozProphet.

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rocioci - Thursday January 03, 2013 at 04:58 AM...

rocioci on 12ozProphet

A whole video on painting sewers?Oakland sewers at that!! I don’t know whats worse the fact that you are already in a sewer like a ninja turtle,painting the darkest part passing up naturally lit walls,or the fact that lead uses sketches!!! I always enjoy videos like this- a picture is worth a thousand words,yet a video shortens it to “oh ok thats what they do”. That ” I don’t care old school with modern paint” look is kind of lame considering you are using a sketch,and it shows how LONG it takes to complete them… The gun at the end is what? A warning? I guess if I was 120 lbs I would also rely on austrian composite plastics and metal…

socrates - Tuesday January 08, 2013 at 01:16 AM...

socrates on 12ozProphet

i liked it

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