Video: Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey Talks J Dilla Foundation With Stupid Dope

By - Thursday, March 27th, 2014

What is there to say about J Dilla that can’t better be voiced by his music. A master of flipping samples, Dilla took the most classic form of Hip Hop production and spun it into a new sound that would influence a whole generation of Hip Hop heads and crate digging fiends.His untimely death in 2006 after batteling Lupus and an incurable blood disease was a heavy blow on the hip hop community that still resonates today. Still, Dilla’s influence on the Hip Hop lives on through tributes, Dilla Day in Detroit and the J Dilla Foundation started by his mother Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey. The foundation aims to help inner-city kids learn about music and Hip Hop in a way that promotes curiosity and a positive message. In the above video Ma Dukes talks to Stupid Dope about the foundation, the current state Hip Hop and her son’s legacy. Its a great cause that represents just a small piece of the awesome influence Dilla Dawg had on the world when he was with us.

For more on the work the J Dilla foundation, check out the 12 Questions we did with Ma Dukes and Akomplice back in November.


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