VIDEO: NYC Writers Serve R2B, Cas 142, and Sebo 9 Bomb New Orleans and The Bay

By - Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Once you go big in your hometown it’s time to expand. That’s exactly what Serve R2B, Cas 142, and Sebo 9 have set out to do. A Youtube user humorously named “Joe Blowe”, released a video on June 30th which featured New York writers Sebo 9 and Serve R2b painting their signature throw-ups in New Orleans. Earlier this year, Joe Blowe also posted a video that featured Serve R2B and Cas 142 bombing the Bay Area out west. The videos show them bombing gates, track sides, walls, trains, abandoned buildings, and bill boards.  

Graffiti tourism has become a popular trend among the lucky writers able to experience it. It allows writers to get up without the fear of law enforcement actively pursuing them in an area they never painted. It’s probably the reason New York City Subway cars get bombed by European graffiti writers more than locals. It’s also why you may see writers from Philly appear in New York City, or writers from New York City suddenly showing up in Detroit. The distance that Serve R2B, Cas 142, and Sebo 9 have traveled for the sake of getting up speaks for itself. Check out their other bombing videos in Detroit and New York City below. 

Hopefully, we will be seeing more writers travel outside their hometowns and showcase their stuff throughout the states. Major respect to those who leave their homes miles away to create a name for themselves in a new environment.

Would you leave or travel to another city just to catch some tags? How about another country? Check out the N E W Y O R K C I T Y thread in the Brick Slayers forum to see more New York City graffiti.


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