Preview: Sickboy and Word To Mother "Paranoia on Paper" Collector's Box Set

By - Friday, January 4th, 2013

Sickboy and Word To Mother present the ‘Paranoia on Paper’ Collector’s Box Set, a celebration of 5 years of sketching. As they put it, “We broke our brains in two and put it in a book.” The collectors set is available now from Fluorescent Smogg. Each box contains: 1 x presentation box, hand-made and finished by the artists. 1 x 125 page, black book with pink, foil-embossed cover. Hardback and hand-bound. The book is designed in the style of SB and WTM own sketchbooks, offering a rare insight into their private work. An edition of just 50, this beautifully designed piece is a homage to their mutual addiction to sketching. Every book is one of a kind, with a stickered and customized page created by the artists on the day of release. It also includes two hand-drawn comic strips, illustrating the escapades of the dysfunctional duo. 1 x tear-out screen-print, individually signed and numbered. 2 x dye-cast enamel SB and WTM badges, only available with this release. Each Box Set is signed, numbered and authenticated.

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