Video: Rizote & Saeio “Nolens-Volence”

By - Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Graffiti at it’s ground level can be seen as the act of creatively interacting with the environment in a mark making fashion, whether that be through its modern means of expression in throw ups, pieces etc or creatively marking your surroundings. In this video, well known european writers Rizote & Saeio play on the shapes left by the buff to create their own form of Graffiti by expanding on, and creating further markings.

Dressed in what appears to be industry level materials and protection, the two partake in an interesting style of vandalism that seems to slide completely under the radar of the general public. While letter formed Graffiti has become automatically recognizable and maligned – the unique style of freeform painting that these two enact doesn’t raise any suspicion from passers by. This allows them to paint every kind of surface, from walls, to doorways, to vans with a freedom that rarely comes with Graffiti.

What is most interesting about this video is the way in which it takes a traditional method of removing Graffiti and quietly subverts it, using an act designed to deafen vandalisms impact on the world.

The fact that the title of the video ‘Nolens-Volens’ translates as ‘I Am Unwilling’ adds another dimension to the work, bringing it back into this context of letter formed Graffiti in the way that no writer wants their work to be removed. This video highlights the battle between those two opposing forces and finds a way of reconciling it on the side of pure expressive ‘vandalism’. This speaks to the fundemental illegality of the act of mark making in society, how arbitrary that law can seem, and the playful/intuitive manner Graffiti uses to continue promoting its basic ideal of freedom.

What do you think of the video? Are these two european writers investigating and progressing the art form? or is it nonsense that isn’t true to the game? let us know in the comment section below.


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