Video: Sabio Presents “The Future of Now” with plenty of NYC Graffiti and Skateboarding

By - Friday, February 20th, 2015

The Cultural apex of New York City has always flourished downtown. Skate spots in Chinatown to the rooftop’s overlooking Brooklyn, the Future is Now. Sabio brings us in to take a closer look. He joins Harlem for a quick juice and rooftop session in Bushwick along side the homie “Sayang.” Back in Soho, the boy “Path” skates us around to hit a few spots. Skating, graffiti and music has always made NYC shine. Ratking provide a sound to this city’s cultural “now.” From hitting abandoned subway stations to spitting bars in the Freedom Tunnel, the future is your’s, while this is happening now.From Australian videographer/photographer, Nic Gossage, comes yet another raw insight into a world that is hidden yet all around us. This video, shot throughout his trip in New York illustrates his delicate subtlety in seizing New York’s distinctiveness.

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Comment #1

MURDOK - February 20, 2015

watched this yesterday! dope video.

Comment #2

Keller - February 21, 2015

Damn this is ill, loves these dudes style. Raw video

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