VIDEO: Sabio Talks Graffiti, Pixação and His Solo Exhibition

By - Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Longtime friend of 12ozProphet Sabio just wrapped his solo show, Something the Sun Would Say at Castor Gallery.

His graffiti is dynamic, as his style changes with its location. But, his graffiti is not the focus of Something the Sun Would Say. The pieces are brimming with historical influence, including the beginnings of civilization. Coated with limestone, painted on dry wall, each piece contains a piece of masonry’s history and the materials that have been integral to building, in architecture from the ancient to modern civilizations.

The work also pays tribute to Pixação Carioca, also known as Xarpi. Pixação is a unique cultural movement that originated in Brazil, an extreme art form with a rich cultural and political history, characterized by free-climbing large-scale buildings to paint in symbolic letter formations, typically illegible to the untrained eye (though many have adapted the style and plenty of variations exist). 

Sabio’s gallery work, he says, is unrelated to graffiti, though graffiti is a big part of his life and some of the works subtly suggest its presence. Sabio tell us that painting billboards in New York City is a loose translation of climbing and painting the extreme spots that pixadores typically choose. He says being 20 ft. in the air with merely inches of space to move was like “painting to die”. If that isn’t punk fucking rock, I’m not sure what is.

Check out the video above to see what Sabio has to say about graffiti, pixação, his exhibition and how both have inspired his gallery work.

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