Video: Scien & Klor 123 Klan Interview

By - Monday, March 12th, 2012

On the occasion of their exhibition in Minneapolis, the Montreal-based duo behind 123 Klan, Scien & Klor, talk about their exhibition (which they only had one week to install) and their partnership which has lasted a lifetime. This video was posted by Bates on his blog on 12ozProphet. From the video: Awhile back at our CO Exhibitions space we (both Permanent and Burlesque) had the chance to work with and exhibit Montreal-based graffiti and design duo, 123 Klan. This video recaps the exhibit and includes an interview on how the pair works, plays, and creates together as artists and as a couple. Information on the past exhibit: On November 19th Co Exhibitions in Minneapolis held the show Rien Comme Les Autres, featuring work from renowned Montreal graffiti and design collective, 123Klan. The duo exhibited recent art and design work as well as a large-scale mural within CO’s 2600sq foot gallery space. About 123Klan: Originally from France, 123Klan is a graffiti collective founded in 1992 by husband and wife duo, Scien & Mrs Klor, alongside members Dean, Sper, Skam and Reso. Inspired by the works of Neville Brody in the mid ’90s, the pair found creative ways to mix graffiti and graphic design to convey their personal style through digital media, using a Performa Mac. With what was a logical attempt to transmit their passion via new mediums, 123Klan gave birth to a brand new movement. The current format of 123Klan appeared in 2003 when founders Scien and Klor decided to create their own design studio in order to fulfill the requests of their many clients. In 2007, the studio opened its doors in Montreal. The 123Klan team specializes in branding and in the creation of logos, character design, art direction, and new strategies, in addition to their first love: graffiti. At the same time, 123Klan launched their in-house brand BANDIT-1$M, which they use as their laboratory. Trends are created, tested and launched on the market in a matter of weeks, constantly updating their expertise on the street culture market. 123Klan’s client roster includes: Adidas, Playstation, Microsoft, Sony, Coca Cola, Nike, Pepsi, Wired, ZooYork, Mini Cooper, Lamborghini, and many more. About Co Exhibitions: CO is a large scale exhibit space located in Northeast Minneapolis, owned and operated by Burlesque of North America and Permanent Art & Design Group. CO presents thematic multimedia exhibitions in collaboration with artists, designers, and curators. The space includes over 2000 sq. feet, 20+ ft. high walls, mobile walls, and suspendible ceilings. Other resources for exhibitions include screenprinting facilities, artist residencies, and media outreach campaigns. The name CO was decided with our principles in mind. As a prefix, CO- modifies base words to mean together with or associated with. We approach projects in the same fashion—for each artist, designer, or curator who works with us, we are a resource for development, fabrication, and talent, a dedicated partner in executing their vision. For us, the excitement is in expanding exhibitions so they transform the gallery into an ambitious multimedia spectacle.

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