Video: Spraying Bricks – KREW – 40HK

By - Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Introducing another new strain to the ever growing Spraying Bricks channel, the KREW series. To start this series off is a collective that emerged on the scene in 2008, 40HK. Consisting of Artists INKFETISH, JASIK and POER. There are 14 members of 40HK in total with heads based in Norway, New Zealand, Melbourne, South Africa, London and Kent. 40HK stands for forty hit combo from the classic video game Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe a statement on their out of this world style. Spraying Bricks joined the crew as they embarked on their biggest wall to date. Situated on Leonard Street opposite the creative den that in the Book Club and the famous Pure Evil gallery, the guys have a prime spot in the heart of Shoreditch, accompanying artwork from the likes of STIK. The mural is heavily based on the theme of the 70’s and 80’s TV show RAINBOW and with the influence of graffiti fused with characters they have created a truly colourful and amazing piece. INKFETISH JASIK POER Spraying Bricks continues to explore beneath the surface of creation. Please help support the series and check out our Kickstarter campaign. There are some amazing rewards available…

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