Video: The Material Clash – MC Monsieur x Paum/Sarin

By - Sunday, February 12th, 2012

“Paum/Sarin and MC Monsieur use this occasion to present their collaboration for the first release of the solo album of MC Monsieur, a protean composer in full effervescence since he released his first EP during Christmas of 2011 and is preparing the first album for spring 2012.Paum offers a graphical and surrealistic translation in a dark, shocking and eccentric style with the production of the cover and a music video that coincides perfectly with the Hip Hop opium dens of the “minstrel of the third millennium. “The music video was produced by Memory Films France and was filmed in Decazeville, an old region rich in mining industrial wastelands (many sequences unveil a city abandoned by industrial modernism.) In this video, Paum exploits the grand potential of these abandoned areas, both popular among urban explorers while creating a painting in the traditional futuristic styles of the present innovators… Accompanying the protagonist exploration, the song “NAPO” immerses us into concrete questioning.” {image-1} This video was posted by Bates on his blog on 12ozProphet. Photo: Paum/Sarin

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