Video: TRIBE GVNG – "Let's Get Wealthy"

By - Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Above are the newest visuals for TRIBE GVNG‘s Let’s Get Wealthy – the first video off of their EP titled The 22nd Letter. The video shows the GVNG’s silhouettes lined up in front of a flare lit, graffiti covered wall at an undisclosed location in New York. Members of the group, Su Bailey and Cvse step forth from the darkness to spit over the smooth, melodic sounds. According to the video’s producer, Mosaic NY, the visuals were inspired by simplicity:
We sat down and spoke about how best to introduce Tribe Gvng visually. We ended up agreeing on capturing the video in one take and shooting for a slow-motion effect. We basically took on a technical challenge on top of the normal challenges of shooting guerrilla style videos in New York City. I was aiming for a style that best introduced Tribe Gvng visually to their audience. They’ve already created a buzz for themselves here in the states & across the pond in the UK with their tapes. We just wanted to make this video a real three-dimensional introduction to these guys.
Director: W. Suarez Producer: Tribe Gvng / Mosaic New York Camera: Eric Cruz (@cruzxctrl) Enjoy!

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