VIDEO: Typical Cats – The Crown (Official Music Video)

By - Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Official Music Video for Typical Cats single The Crown off their third collective album, known as 3. Hard hitting drums provided a perfect backdrop for the dancers representing the Midwest and beyond! Emcees Qwel, Qwazaar, and Denizen Kane have been staples of Chicago Hip-Hop for over a decade, the trio boasting numerous releases collectively and individually throughout the years. Flipping styles lacing through crispy drum heavy production by DJ Natural and Kid Knish, the trio weave an intricate array of tracks throughout the album making it one of the best albums the group has put out to date.

TC / we came to get down Turn the system up / while we fucking around You listening to Typical / the original sound But if you want to see the throne / then consider the crown! Dancers (in order of appearance): Evol (0:21-0:26) | Brickheadz Moks (0:31-0:35) | Ground Syndrome Krew Ike Fantastik (0:41-0:49) | Brickheadz French (1:01-1:09) | Windy City Hustlaz Kes (1:13-1:22) | Brickheadz B-Girl Vital (1:23-1:26) | Sour Apples Crew Rick Styles (1:27-1:32) | Sour Apples Crew / Windy City Hustlaz Beast Boy (1:36-1:44) | Windy City Hustlaz Riddle (2:00-2:08) | 20th Century B-Boys | Seoul, South Korea TC3 album available at video & text: JAM ONE | JAM1PHOTO Special thanks and additional filming to TCKpro

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