Video: Matt W. Moore Mural at OFFF Festival in Barcelona

By - Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Matt W. Moore is a graphic designer and visual artist whose work often finds its locus at the intersection of art and design. On June 12th Graffuturism posted a video documenting his recent mural at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona, held from June 6th-8th of this year. Moore painted this mural on the walls of the Museu del Disseney de Barcelona. The sight of the mural is the sight of a crossing of art with design, of exterior with interior art, and of graffiti and street art with the “high arts” on the other side of the museum’s walls. Moore works most often in “free flow form,” which is an artistic style that has its roots in graffiti and calligraphy with its basis on the letter, without having to conform to actual form of the letter. Looking at one of Moores’s murals, you will likely notice that it looks kind of like it’s meant to be read, but there aren’t actually letters there. Moore’s free flow form developed out of his preoccupation with graffiti art, which has influenced both his graphic design and his murals. To learn more about Matt W. Moore visit his website. Source: Graffuturism

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