Vista's Moscow Mission – Photo and Interview via MTN World

By - Monday, January 30th, 2012

Montana Colors posted an interesting interview with Vista of the Royals crew and a couple gorgeous photos from his recent trip, and mission, in Moscow. Don’t be dissuaded by their pretentious introduction (no, we never heard of him) it’s still worth checking out. We were mostly drawn to his captivating photographs that have a greater emphasis on the narrative and experience of getting to the sleeping steel giant, than the actual act of painting it. In an excerpt from the interview below, Vista talks about his relationship to photography.
Why does photography play such an important role in your relationship with graffiti? After all, photographs are memories of the mood, details of what happened that, if hadn´t taken a photo, I’d forget about them or distort the memories as the years go by. There are so many missions where it’s all about how you got into the spot, something which can be just as important or more than what you end up painting. For the same reason you take a photo of the piece, I try and captivate the sensation of the spot. A lot of the time you feel content by just being able to have gotten inside the yard or wherever, even though you didn’t get to finish.
Check out the full interview with Vista on MTN World here. Source: Mtn-World

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