Wall Therapy progress roundup

By - Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

The annual WallTherapy street art festival has brought together roughly 30 artists to paint Rochester’s walls. Seven of Rochester’s most talented artists are joined by Conor Harrington, Faith47, DALeast, DAZE, LadyPink and SMITH, ROA, Ever, Gaia, LNY, and others. Some of the thirty plus walls have been completed with artists moving on to paint additional murals, while others are nearing completion. WallTherapy was co-founded by University of Rochester Medical Center radiologist Dr. Ian Wilson, who organizes the festival not only to unite different communities throughout the city and around the world through art, but to raise awareness for Synthesis Collaborative. Through this medical philanthropy endeavor, Dr. Wilson and a global network of volunteer radiologists seek to raise funds to install x-ray machines in third-world communities, and set up the infrastructure for medics in those areas to send images through cloud computing, which the radiologists will interpret and send back recommendation for treatment. Wilson has plans to begin setting up in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, and Borgne, Haiti, by the year’s end. These images showcase some progress shots of the murals from the past several days, and an updated post with image of the finished shots and new information will follow. All photos by Matt Burkhartt.

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