Wednesday Walls: DEFY ADM

By - Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

On the beautiful sunny island of Puerto Rico not only will you find white sand beaches, beautiful women and exquisite food, but there’s also lots of sick graff. The writer that caught my eye the most was DEFY, who brings the funk every time he writes his name. His style just looks fun, and is done with skill and speed. It’s a style DEFY dishes with ease in his vibrant graffiti.

In a interview from (Cool tumblr site that posts graff pics) DEFY talks about how and why he comes up with the color combos he uses, “I also tend to hover around the teals, pinkish-oranges, reddish-pinks, pinkish-purples (anything pink really) and dirty tones like the brownish-greens and dark yellows,” He says. “These have sort of an Island vibe to them, but they are very versatile colors that help me a lot with my approach. I’ve also been using some more off/unsaturated tones of these colors to help replicate how they react to light and shadow in the real world. Its a 3D thought process for a 2D execution.”

Defy also explains, “I always look to give depth and volume to my letters as a way of emphasizing more on the structure of each letter and how they connect”. This is a short and sweet way to explain his approach. he draws his shadows/outlines around each letter perfectly to make the letters pop. All in all, DEFY has some serious game. Be on the look out for his work if you are ever in Puerto Rico, it won’t be hard to find.


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