Walls Wednesday: San Jose, Costa Rica

By - Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

For this edition of Walls Wednesdays we’re reporting from the capital of the Central American country of Costa Rica. In the city of San Jose graffiti has taken over the neighborhood known as “Barrio la California,” located close to the center of downtown area of San Jose known as “Chepe”. These walls are found right by the old railroad station that is now used as an assembly hall. Street art has taken over the public walls where hundreds of people commute on a daily basis. 

Picture above: Botom B1, Enti B1, Ewok

Here’s an Ewok piece dating back to 2012.


The murals posted on the walls involve natural imagery with international talent from all over the world. The Costa Rican public have a general appreciation for art, you can see it all over the place. In this city you’ll be able to see graffiti anywhere and everywhere. The scene is fairly young, so in the end it’s understandable why everyone knows each other.

Rot, Pain


Pucho, Yiyo




Several of these artist have been featured before on 12Oz, click here to view the article done back in April featuring other amazing writers.  Also make sure to follow the some of the artist on instagram. If there’s a specific angle you would like to see coming from this tropical country let us know.





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