Walls Wednesdays: On The Tracks in Costa Rica

By - Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Hello 12ozers, it’s Wednesday, and you know what that means. Once again we’re reporting from the Central American country of Costa Rica. With a growing scene, one of the chillest spots to paint at (naturally) would be the train tracks. This is mainly because law enforcement has no interest in going on the tracks. This is where most addicts, graffiti artists and the occasional potheads come through to have a few minutes of unsupervised solitude. Whatever your vice may be, there’s a million spots to be at, and thanks to this relaxed environment, writers have the room to express themselves.

The trains down here don’t have graffiti on them. So the next best thing would be the all the walls that are along the tracks (Literally ALL the walls) where thousands of people commute on trains on a daily basis.  These tracks connect the central area of San Jose (chepe) directly to a popular university in San Pedro, where all the young kids are at.

The infamous THC crew has been on our site previously, click here to view an article we did on them back in June.

Featured artists in this article include Hook, Slim, Lux, La Emme, Mush, Skunk, Ares andTHC Latin America

Photos and words by Fusek619

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