Wednesday Walls: DONT, AEVE, ENRG, and FANE

By - Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

For this week’s Wednesday’s Walls, we have pieces from DONT, ENRG, AEVE, and FANE. ENRG and AEVE are both members of the crew AOM. It was cool to meet these guys, especially since I recently caught a couple of their freights rolling. DONT is a member of the MUL crew, a crew that’s been killing the game in Chicago for a pretty long time. Racing the rain, these guys were able to finish the majority of this production on the first day. It was cool to see the unique styles of each writer go up on this wall in progress. The way each writer added shines, details in the fill-in/3D is always different and shows how specific their methods are to their style. Different hues of blue were used in the fill and 3D of each of these pieces that popped pretty well with the red, yellow, orange, and pick backgrounds. This wall rocked off the highway, where the Blueline also runs towards Forest Park. Make sure to take a ride on the Blueline and catch this production before the next one goes up!

Stay updated and make sure to check out the 12oz Prophet Forums for more awesome content! For more documentation of Chicago’s graffiti scene, follow 12oz photographer @lurrkgod on Instagram.

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