OTR Spellout Challenge… Continues?

By - Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

30 Years of On The Run...

Are you ready to step up to the spellout challenge? One of the older heads of the crew OTR (On the Run) wanted a way to motivate new members without calling them out. So they started a friendly competition within their crew to get walls up. It ended up being a non stop battle royal. In the spellout challenge, walls are going up at a rapid pace in Cali, Guadalajara, Mexico and Detroit. And they’re killin it! So they figured they’d keep it going, and man does that make us happy.

Each wall has anywhere between 2 and 7 crew members contributing at a time. There are a few situations that some felt like rockin’ a solo mission. Check out the many different variations of the OTR name:

– Out Taking Risks
– Off To Rehab
– Out to Rock
– Off The Rip
– Only The Real
– One Time Runnin’
– Our Team Runs Shit









By seeing it with different meanings it only adds to the challenge of letter combinations and finding a wall to paint it on. Some spots they’ve done are definitely hotter than others. Which brings up the question what happens when things go sour?

Crew member Aldoe explains a situation he ran into while doing a spellout in Guadalajara:

“Halfway into painting some windows on the second floor of a building, we dropped a can. For some reason the cops were already at the corner store posted. So they heard the can drop and walked over. I was up there with my boy Cosmoe and a homie from Guadalajara. We seen them coming so we laid flat for about 30 minutes. My boy Blah and Jonk were across the street keeping point. One cop stood directly underneath us to see if he would hear us move. The other walked across the street making hand gestures to his partner. We never moved or made noise so they got tired of waiting and left. My phone was on silent but in my hands. As soon as I got the call that it was coo to get off, we got off. Three days later we came back and finished it.”

The spellout challenge is one helluva way to celebrate the success of your crew being in the graff game for 30 years! Wonder where we’ll see em pop up next?

Shout out to the founding members of OTR:

Price, Redge, Kade, Volt, Screen and Mosh

Thank you Aldoe for taking the time to talk with us at 12oz Prophet!

Text by attng3tr
Video by attng3tr
Photo credits: attng3tr, chasingpaint, Aldoe/OTR, Reck/OTR, Tenzr/OTR, joe1974

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