Wednesday Walls: Pieces On Pieces

By - Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

12oz contributor Chester Copperpot is back at it. This time we join the good doctor as he attempts to meet up with the Sure Strangler. After what seemed like a long drive, we arrive at our destination, deep in the woods. There was a tense introduction, but the good doctor managed to coax the location of his killing fields. What I saw left me in silence. Besides a number of pieces by Sure, there were burners by Era PFE everywhere. Era is a straight killer. He has been burning walls since the 90s. He also draws these pencil and charcoal sketches of these grotesque, ghost type creatures. Recently he has begun combining these styles, and this can be seen in two of the pictures. 

And then there is the Ghostrider wall. Located next to one of the pits is this massive Ghostrider production. It was done in 2001 and is in amazing condition. The wall was a QM8 PFE collabo done in 2001. Snow1 QM8 did the ghost rider character and his piece is crammed into the front wheel. Themo, Acet, Mes, Emy, Niyer and Era all pushed PFE at the time. Snow and Self were from QM8. There’s a special Child RIP shoutout at the beginning of the wall. He was a PFE member from Massachusetts that had passed away not too long before the wall was done.

 Special thank you to Sure.

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