Weekend Tunnel Breaches

By - Monday, May 9th, 2011

{image-1} Two separate NYC subway breaches occurred over the weekend. One in the Path tunnels where Reymundo Rodriguez, 20, of Bayonne, NJ, snuck down onto the tracks in a Manhattan PATH tunnel located at World Trade. The station was being patrolled by two Port Authority cops that missed Rodriguez slipping by. Rodriguez claimed to have planted a bomb in the tunnels once authorities apprehended him in Jersey city after walking the length of the tunnel. So the dogs went and down and the bomb squad suited up but nothing was found. The next breach was by a couple of “Urban Explorers”. Eric Ruggiero, 25, of Manhattan; Jacob Bloom, 21, of Glen Cove, LI; Braiden O’Sullivan, 21, of Connecticut and William West, 27, of Massachusetts were charged with criminal trespass after Harlem man, Jerry Jackson called authorities and alerted them that the four had descended into the tunnel around 112th Street. The group was trying to explore the 2nd Ave line thats been under construction for so many years. They had on them, some video cameras and Roman candles which they planned on lighting for some tunnel photography. All this couldn’t have happened at a better time either. Just after president Obama visiting the city, and the death of Osama security should have been at an all time high especially after learning that since 9/11 the city has poured over $4 billion on security measures for its transportation facilities. Guess we need a little more to really make it work.

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