Welcome to… Detroit

By - Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Enter at your own risk…this is no longer the graff playground that most of you have become accustomed to. The days where you could drive down main streets and see them adorned with numerous burners are long gone. It has turned into the twilight zone. It’s depressing to see all the patches of buff everywhere. Like seriously, did someone hit up the mistint rack at Home Depot?

Coming to you from Detroit, we introduce the “Battle of the Buff”. Can writers overcome this ugly blanket of paint? They are certainly going to try. It doesn’t take long for new tags and hollows to appear on freshly buffed walls. Why spend all the extra time and paint to do a piece? Screw it! Bomb that shit and keep on moving down the block!

And if the buff isn’t enough, there’s the demolition of all those crumbling buildings that have been left to rot for the last decade. These buildings, once a part of the booming auto industry, have been a open treasure chest to every scrapper in the city. One of the things they are after are the steel beams. Once those are cut out it makes them a bigger target then the rest of the abandos because nothing is structurally sound. City officials are taking note of these structures and posting up demolition signs. That’s something new. And the schools are now getting boarded up instead of being left wide open to writers and scrappers. Yes you read correctly, there are over 90 abandoned schools in Detroit from the decline in population.

The weekly drive thru the Detroit used to be exciting. But now things are changing at a rapid pace. There’s a crazy amount of construction; the new light rail system, a new hockey arena, new windows installed in Michigan Central Station, building after building being bought downtown like it’s Dan Gilberts’ real life Monopoly Board.
So now instead of gasps of excitement from someone throwin’ down on fresh brick. it’s a gasp of horror seeing another wall lost. Feels like it isn’t real. We’re just waiting for someone to shake us to tell us the nightmare is over!

The struggle is real…real depressing!


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