Welcome to…Nashville

By - Monday, September 21st, 2015

Nashville’s scene is mid-sized, but full of good styles and tight-knit crews. There’s a grip of legendary writers in the city, and most of the younger writers know to respect those who did it first. Names like ZEW 42, SMOK 42, NOSEY 42, REX2 TM, ABYS 42, DOWNER, TIER UH, VERSE 42, ASK 42, HASPE KOG, TACKZ AM7, and VERSUZ KOG LTS are among the most revered; and set the bar incredibly high for the new guys.

Nashville is home to a variety of styles, from southern-fried funk to sinister burners. There’s an abundance of hidden-gem spots in Nashville with pieces and productions so nice they’ll make your head spin. Thats not to say the streets aren’t popping off though–interstate spots, rooftops, and street-sides get smashed on the regular. In recent years, growth and gentrification in Nashville has meant writers have to put in a lot more work to beat the buff. Last year, CNN listed Nashville as one of the 10 fastest growing cities in America, with a population growth of 1.8 percent. More and more spots are being torn down or made unpaintable, and areas of the city once full of amazing work are being washed clean for swanky new apartment buildings and the like. Although its made things a bit more difficult, Nashville’s current crop of actives has stepped up to stay ahead.

A hub of southern graffiti, Nashville also gets a good amount of visitors from other regions. Heads from the MFK and LD crews such as PASER, JIGL, WASP, LEVIS, and HORSE have been known to empty a few cans in Music City. Memphis and Knoxville writers such as MESKO BW NSF, GRIFTER BW, BETOR ICR, and TOBY 42 also roll through and get down from time to time. Look hard enough and you can even catch a few old REVOK, SKREW, and BENO pieces from their stints in the city.

Last year, the city lost DOWNER, a writer and skateboarder with an unmistakably fresh, raw style. DOWNER was active from the early 2000’s until he passed away in 2014, and left a legacy of massive influence to the Nashville scene. DOWNER could always rock a clean piece, but he also showed everyone that you don’t have to paint perfectly clean to shine. Rest easy DOWNER.

There’s plenty more to say about the city, but it’s probably best to let the flicks speak for themselves.

Welcome to Nashville:

16595222920_2c48e5c7e7_o20150329-IMG_049517578686162_916a9e8520_o14267598583_5129ab0596_o010_zps5b599fee13990209013_2eb7f55815_o20832919086_86b0bc336d_o (1)more-26994620874_643a20c17f_o20310503728_64c6c74970_o13119865414_71506757dd_o13119921294_5ea1e3a6b1_o20150329-IMG_051914879718394_d9b82f2268_o14288413618_eaafd4e0af_o11697212596_92961b5978_o8041239652_957f578862_o12014520065_b10960ee18_o14137793028_b62a3ff9bf_o7227784798_04968ff241_o51216737522724_925dfc1ec6_o029017more-3more-461614902041353_58edd95e8c_o15887523865_8e537e019a_oScreen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.37.14 PM17084549168_be7c0e7f6c_o12826923994_e5ffb8c359_o18679518960_ff8434bd51_o002-24_zpsd640678b022-5028-260

Check the Tennessee thread in the forums for more photos.

Thanks to DOWNER and everyone in Nashville who puts paint where it ain’t.





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