What the Hell is Old School Anyway?

By - Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Rime just posted a poignant and thought-provoking essay on the topic of the meaning of Old School and New School in graffiti. He reaches out to some of the most experienced and influential members of the graffiti community to weigh in including Blade, Haze, Martha Cooper, Bio, Risk, Wane, Ket, Revok, Askew, Taboo, Jurne, Sueme, and Score. We copy and pasted the introductory paragraph below which brings up some very interesting points. I couldn’t encourage you enough to follow this link and read the article in its entirety on Rime’s blog. “What is “Old School” and what is the standard (if any) when using this term in graffiti? “One morning back in April,l I was finishing up the Blade tribute on the side of the MoCA museum in Los Angeles. Martha Cooper came by the wall just around the same time that Blade showed up. She told me how great it was that the museum had someone from the “new school” paint a tribute for someone from the “old school”. Something about that comment really caught me off guard. Maybe because I was deliriously tired from painting all night? I saw the label of new school as way of classifying me as a new writer or (not intended by Cooper) a new jack. I told Martha that this was my 20th year painting graffiti and asked how long do I have to write, until I’m no longer considered new? Firemen, teachers or other city employees are eligible for retirement benefits after 20 years of job experience, and I’m sure that those who have worked within their profession for so long would not be considered similar to those with just a few years experience?” Source: Jersey Joe Art

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