Why Bowser is in Disney's New Movie, But Mario Isn't

By - Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

So it wasn’t only Disney’s choice to not include Mario into their newest movie, Wreck-It Ralph. The movie will feature cameo’s of a ton of different iconic characters throughout the years, but unfortunately the man, the world’s most iconic character will not be in the movie. “The hard thing was, we were trying to work out the right way to use a character like Mario”, producer Clark Spencer told [url=http://www.totalfilm.com/news/wreck-it-ralph-s-skrillex-cameo-revealed]Total Film[/url]. “It had to be organic to the film, we didn’t want to just paste him in there. For Bowser, it made perfect sense for him to be a member of the Bad Anon group. For Mario himself we couldn’t think of the right way to incorporate him into the film, and so we didn’t do it.” Not only was having Mario removed, SEGA also had a say in the movie as well.. “We had a scene where we wanted the rings to come out of Sonic, and SEGA said the only way that happens is if he falls over, and we didn’t have him fall over in the scene, so we actually went back and re-animated it.” Don’t forget to catch Wreck-It Ralph in theaters November 2.

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