WP Gallery presents MR.MUSTART – 50/50 2 Infinity exhibition

By - Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

50/50 2 Infinity is an urban art exhibition showcasing all new works by MR.MUSTART, also known as Ivan Petrovsky. Originally from Russia, and currently residing in New Jersey, Mustart is mostly known for his indoor and outdoor murals and mixed-media canvas work, which can be found all around the tri-state area. MR.MUSTART is an active member of an international art collective (AndItDontStop) which has been progressive in the local art scene for over a decade and continues to grow with a diverse range of creative outlets.

Jump starting his artist career around 2003 upon completion of high school, Mustart has done it all from solo to group shows, live painting, business beautification, to album cover art. You name it, he’s been involved. However, the artist has stated, “the style never stops evolving.” Found in the streets and within gallery spaces, Mustart’s work is often thought of as enriching and provoking by his friends and fellow artists, always shining light on the aesthetics that fuel his passion.

50/50 2 Infinity explores diverse themes that all revolve around the universal idea of duality. His original artworks are constructed from old drawings, newspaper/magazine cut-outs, found objects, graffiti paraphernalia and old family photographs. 50/50 2 Infinity provides viewers with insight to the artist’s mind, while occupying the space in an engaging and interactive way.

Some themes throughout include: love, hate, peace, war, corruption, anger, poverty, sexuality, alienation, natural medicine, healthy nutrition, history, systems of control, religion, human rights, family structure, graffiti art, self-development and self-fulfillment.  The philosophies expressed on these topics reflect the artist’s state of mind and his perception of the world, allowing the viewer to safely observe and break apart the many encoded, subliminal (and sometimes outright) messages. The gallery welcomes anyone to come and pay a visit, it’s free. 

The exhibition runs from May 9th 2015 to June 30th 2015. The hours are 11-5 Monday through Saturday at the WP Gallery at 1611 Walnut Street in Philadelphia.

Contact: Mr Mustart
@mr_mustart on Instagram or mrmustart.tumblr.com/

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