Writer Spotlight: KUTHE

By - Friday, May 8th, 2015

There are a number of talented, yet unrecognized graffiti writers in the Washington D.C. area. Some writers, like PEAR, who are from the D.C. area have received global recognition. There are, however, many more writers who we believe deserve similar recognition. This series of spotlights will focus on one graffiti writer each month. We will be dissecting their individual styles, in addition to other aspects of their work that has earned them a place in the Writer Spotlight. This spotlight features KUTHE.

KUTHE N4N is one of Washington D.C.’s most prominent graffiti writers. KUTHE is very active and paints primarily with VOYER, and crew member NEHI. KUTHE is a member of the N4N crew (Not 4 Nothing), along with NEHI, SOMA, NEPAL, PEAR, YANEK, among others. 

KUTHE is well known for his pieces on the redline metro tracks and his throws and tags that are scattered throughout the city. KUTHE is one of those writers who has a solid foundation, and demonstrates mastery in various forms of graffiti. KUTHE has unique style, with letters that connect and flow into one another. If you ever find yourself visiting Washington D.C., you are likely to see a lot of KUTHE.

Special thanks to Flickr user MaxTheMightyy for allowing us to use a few of his photos for this spotlight. Be sure to check out his Flickr photostream and give him a follow.

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