The XMEN Meet Picasso in the Windy City

By - Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Pablo Picasso is familiar name to those in and outside of the art world. He is recognized for his distinct style and approach to creating artwork, such as his contributions to the creation of Cubism. Cubism can be described as geometric abstract art, broken down into two forms called Analytic Cubism and Synthetic Cubism. Analytic cubism focuses on analyzing and fragmenting forms, whereas Synthetic Cubism focuses more on the use of external materials in combination with canvas.

If you’ve ever been to Chicago, then you’ve probably seen the sculpture by Pablo Picasso located in the loop (Downtown Chicago). Hundreds of  people pass this sculpture every day, from out of state tourist to the people that work downtown. This sculpture has been the center piece for music venues, farmers markets, and is also a pretty well-known skate spot. NERD of XMEN crew, one of the writers that contributed to the Picasso-themed wall shown in this post, grew up seeing this statue.  NERD told 12ozProphet that this statue was something he always saw as kid, so being able to work on a production that pays homage to Picasso’s Cubanist style was interesting. NERD’s piece (the 13th image in this set) was created using mostly roller paint, and only uses monotone colors. NERD found the style of Picasso to be challenging because he comes from a more technical background, whereas for this Picasso piece he had to switch it up, using his left hand to adapt to Picasso’s looser style. 

Nerd also talked about how he has been influenced by working with crew-mates on productions like this. Every crew has team members that work in a variety of different styles. Growing up painting mostly illegal work, NERD is used to getting in and out. This still shows in his work today, he has the ability to throw in that south side bomber style that you can only get through vandalism. NERD says that while this still plays a large factor in his work, working with teammate BOAR has also influenced him to take more time, to sit back and observe the progression of his pieces overtime. This dynamic of painting with people you can learn from is one of the most important aspects of any art form.

Artists SERK, BOAR, FACTS, NERD, UNEEK, TOVA, and SEVERE did a great job in paying homage to cubism in this production. The style was incorporated in various ways; from backgrounds, to characters, to the letter structures and the fill colors of the pieces. Enjoy the set!

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