Zaxxon: Escape Releases for iOS and Android

By - Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Sega delivers with something new and definitely not expected. 30 years ago, players flew through Zaxxons space…base and had to destroy the evil robot. Developed by Free Range Games for iOS and Android, [i]Zaxxon Escape[/i] will get you out of the space station, but not without whiplash and a few bloody noses. You maneuver a ship through Zaxxon’s fortress, a twisting maze filled with tight corridors, where making split-second decisions are the difference between forging ahead or bursting into a fire-y wreck. The entire game works using tilt controls, with the occasional swipe to change direction and tap to shoot for good measure. Also, and similar to other endless runners that flood the App Store / Android Marketplace, you have a variety of power-ups that make your journey easier. Shields let you pass through objects untouched, while the Auto-Pilot makes the ship travel faster while taking over the controls momentarily. You’ll also find score multipliers, coin bonuses, decals and other ships to unlock using virtual coins collected during game play. Don’t have enough? It’s cool. Sega is more than happy to sell more via in-app purchase. Got $.99? Check out Zaxxon: Escape now!

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