Zine Culture

By - Sunday, July 21st, 2013

While scouring the web for zines to review for you guys, I came across this cool article on Juxtapoz. It was a sneak peak at their July 2013 issue and it has a whole section on Zine Culture, for this article they talk to a bunch of different people who make zines and ask them about what making zines means to them and why they do it. Among these people are famous graffiti writers MQ, PEZ, and REMIO. “MQ – Graffiti and street culture are always evolving and changing. I was inspired by Twist and his ’zines. I like how he was able to capture specific moments of San Francisco graffiti and street culture. I also always have had a passion for stickers. After spending three years trying to reach the million mark making stickers, I saw the perfect merge of street culture and stickers in the sticker ’zine. With ’zines, I get to represent graffiti and get my stickers up. Because graffiti gets cleaned up so fast, ’zines help save the street history. The rougher black-and-white sticker ’zines are more accessible, and because they are cheap to make, you can bomb with them. Making ’zines is like bombing, you make it and it gets out there. Tags on the stickers turned into photos of spots. I like how a spot, even after it has been buffed, keeps popping up through stickers.” “PeZ – I create ’zines because it’s one of the last “punk” outlets that hasn’t been wiped out or completely commodified. You can still scam copies for free, and therefore, give them away for free or through trade correspondence or make the most ornately glossy ’zine imaginable. The choice is yours, and that is what I enjoy most, the sheer freedom to make a ’zine however I wish. Covering whatever topics or imagery I’m interested in at a particular time and place. What motivates me to keep going is the thrill of reaching that random person somewhere out in the world and showing them a slice of my life, and maybe inspiring them to create and explore.” “Remio – The search for truth and the excitement of discovering the unknown and the new is what motivates me to create ’zines. I create ’zines because it’s something I can do anytime I want to do it, in any way I want to do it. There are no rules and there are never any expectations, so it’s always fun! I could make 500 copies of a ’zine with the same image in it repeated 1000 times and send it to 500 strangers, or I could hand draw an edition of one, and then burn it as soon as I’m finished. I could fold a single sheet of paper in half and call it a ’zine. I could edit some video together and post it to YouTube and call it a video ’zine. They can be anonymous. They can be high profile. They can be anything I want them to be. ’Zines are the most perfect way I have found of sharing something with someone else. ’Zines are my way of sharing my perspective on the world I live in.” To read the full article head over to Juxtapoz

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