Zine Review: Carnage #2 Featuring NYC's ATM Crew

By - Thursday, February 16th, 2012

The new issue of Carnage by photographer Ray Mock, featuring ATM members Sure, Faust, Dceve, Cosbe, OverConsume, Ader, and Rex will be released Friday at the Klughaus Gallery’s opening of Snowblind curated by Carnage and Making Deals Zine. After the issue drops at the release party, it will become available on the Carnage Big Cartel website the following day, Saturday, February 18th. Continue to Page 2 to read 12ozProphet’s review and take a look inside the pages of Carnage #2… {pagebreak} Carnage, a hardcore graff zine, is a high-end, labor-of-love created and published solely by photographer Ray Mock aka Sabeth718 from Flickr. He has been photographing art on the streets for five years, garnering respect and trust within the graffiti and street art communities. So far the first two issues have been like an insiders view into the world and minds of current big-time writers who have remained mysterious and anonymous for years as they have painted this city and many others around the globe. Continue to Page 3 to keep reading the review and see more of the zine… {pagebreak} This issue, Carnage #2, has followed quickly on the heels of Carnage #1, which came out last fall and featured Hert and Atak. That first one was printed in an edition of only two-hundred copies and sold out almost immediately, due to it’s extensive and deep interviews. It was also a well-designed zine with a silk-screen cover, long personal interviews, and hundreds of photos from Ray’s personal stash of unpublished images. {pagebreak} This new issue features the NYC crew ATM (All That Matters), whose members are well-known for precise hand-style tagging; imagination and creativity; unrelenting sticker bombing; and everything else above and beyond as well. As Ray says in the introduction to the zine, “No matter where you go in this city, there is a good chance that you’ll find a sticker or a tag by an ATM member on a newspaper box, shutter, lamp post or bathroom within a block of where you are, written with maniacal attention to style and letter form.” I would add that even if you don’t find one, there is one there; You just missed it. {pagebreak} The crew was also well respected for Sure’s good-natured and intelligent leadership. He brought together a family of like minds and similar aesthetic natures. His highly-respected leadership skills are displayed by the members he connected, the quality of their work, and their obvious devotion to style and to keeping his name and memory alive. Everyone has only heart-felt words for Sure throughout the zine. Sadly, as an active member of the US Marine Corps, he passed away just over a year ago. Therefore, this issue is a tribute to him and all profits will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Fund and to printing up Sure stickers to continue to keep his name on the streets. Rest In Peace Sure. You are missed. {pagebreak} This issue consists of sixty-eight black and white pages with a double-layered, screenprinted cover. Ray printed, bound and hand-numbered all three-hundred copies himself. The text is one extensive interview that runs through the zine, including crew members Kosbe, Dceve, Ader, OverConsume, and Rex. The zine also contains hundreds of previously unreleased images all by Ray. Each copy comes with at least one handwritten sticker from an ATM member and costs only $12 plus shipping. For an item as deep, rare and well-crafted as this, it is well worth the price. Better get it quick, because it’s going to sell out as fast as the first issue, despite the larger print run. {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} There will also be an extremely limited collectors edition, which was suggested to Ray by Faust, and available in an edition of 25. The box set contains a copy of the zine Carnage #2; a set of handwritten stickers by Faust, Dceve, Ader, Kosbe, Overconsume, and Rex; a 5″x7” C-print photograph, numbered and signed by Ray Mock; a Carnage T-shirt designed by Kosbe; and a few additional extras. It will go for $75 plus shipping. ALL profits from the sale of this issue will be donated to the USO’s Wounded Warrior Fund and to printing up Sure tribute stickers to keep his name alive on the streets. Text and Photo: Daniel Feral ZINE SUBMISSIONS: If you would like to submit your zine for review by 12ozProphet, please send it to: 12ozProphet, Attention: Zine Review, 51 MacDougal Street, Box #235, New York, New York 10012. The zines will not be returned, but will be archived in our zine library. There is also no guarantee that it will be reviewed. We do appreciate all submissions though.

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