Zine Review: Detroit Vs Everybody

By - Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Detroit Vs Everybody is the newest zine from Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye. It is a standard sized zine, but it is 120 pages of full color photos from Detroit, Michigan. Each photo takes up at least a fourth of the page so there is no need to squint to see anything! This zine comes from the recent trip Harsh Truth took to Detroit where they cataloged everything they saw with high quality photos of some of the best writers to ever to spraycation Detroit. If you like NSF crew then you’re in for a treat! Along with photos of graffiti, there are also a lot of photos of the decaying buildings that are omnipresent throughout the city. As usual Harsh Truth does a great job of capturing more than just a piece, they are able to take a photo that has so much going on that you could stare at it for hours. This zine is limited to 50 copies and at 15 dollars is a steal. Trust me, 120 pages is pretty expensive to print so your getting a deal. Also if you are planning on making a zine of your own, take a note from these guys and spend some time thinking about the photos you shoot because they just put out one of the best zines we’ve gotten all year. To have your zine reviewed send it to: 12oz Zine Reviews PO Box 11204 Portland, OR 97211 Or Send us an email Here

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