Zine Review: Megawords ICY Zine Gives Glimpse Into Espo's Studio

By - Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Last November, Steve Powers and Todd James hosted an exhibition called Livingston Street Market. A throwback to the Street Market exhibition shown in New York at Deitch Projects in 2000, and re created for the LA MOCA Art in the Streets exhibition. It was in Powers’ sign-making shop, Icy Signs, across the street from Macy’s in Brooklyn, where he painted his Love Letter to Brooklyn project. During the Livingston Street Market show Megawords had a table set up in the back with a ton of zines and copies of their over-size, white-newsprint magazine on display in a news box, as it would be found on the streets of Philly. Megawords is a very cool self-published, biannual printed magazine dedicated to photography with an activist intent, although not necessarily overtly political. Filled mainly with photographs, their mission statement says, “Megawords’ simple purpose is to document our surroundings (and) experience.” This statement sums up the ICY zine that they handmade and xeroxed in conjunction with the Livingston Street Market show. It’s a 64-page, black-and-white collage of various pieces of detritus stuck up on Powers’ wall in his work area at the Icy studio; Leaflets from the neighborhood, sketch book pages, advertisments, band flyers, magazine pages, Love Letter photos, baseball cards, mix tapes, tags, stickers, and so on. It gives a personal glimpse into the stuff that Powers finds interesting and shows us where some of his inspiration come from. More pages from the zine on the next page… {pagebreak} More pages from the zine on the page 3… {pagebreak} Text: Daniel Feral Zine Submissions: If you would like to submit your zine for review by 12ozProphet, please send it to: 12ozProphet, Attention: Zine Review, 51 MacDougal Street, Box #235, New York, New York 10012. The zines will not be returned, but will be archived in our zine library. There is also no guarantee that it will be reviewed. We do appreciate all submissions though.

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