Zine Review: "RIP Antonio Gayle aka Define" Is An Homage To Local Jersey Writer

By - Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Local New Jersey writer Antonio Gayle aka Define recently passed away due to a heart failure. He founded Clout Club and repped IZM Gang and AYO crew. Friend of 12ozProphet, Tuse, and Fevoe35 created this zine in his memory. Below is an interview with Antonio’s close friend Tuse. 12oz: Your zine is a beautiful tribute to a very cool guy and local NJ writer. We were sorry to hear about your sudden loss. How old was Define when he passed and how did he pass away? Tuse: My man Define aka Tone G aka Stonewall Jackson aka Antonio Gayle was 19 years old when he passed away last October 7th due to an unexplained heart failure. 12oz: How long had you been friends? What kind of guy was he like? Tuse: I first met Tone sometime in middle school, probably 6th or 7th grade and had been chill with the guy, but all through high school he was a close friend who I was with all the time. Tone was an amazing person. He was one of the most positive kids you could ever meet, and although he might not have been the smartest in the classroom, he held tons of knowledge on hip-hop and graff, technology whatever. When he got into something, he really loved to get real deep into it. He’s probably the most creative thinker I have or will ever meet, always rapping about retarded shit like chicken wings and bitches kneecaps. Constantly on some silly shit making people smile. He really knew how to bring people together. I’d say one of the funniest stories I can remember is one time he was out with my boy painting and they got rolled up on by the cops. My other friend made up some crazy bullshit story about how they were gay lovers, embarrassed so they drove to this secluded spot to make out or whatever. The cops totally went along with it, so they asked Tone to confirm that it was all true and whatnot then after that they’d be on their way. Pretty Boy Tone was too much of a macho-man to claim he was gay and just took the fines and community service. Silly ass Tone…. 12oz: Were you in crews together? What were his favorite places to write? Did he have favorite materials or styles? Tuse: Definer was a creator of the Clout Club, which is now my boys Fevoe35, T-Shirt, ProdOG, and me. He also repped the IZM Gang and AYO crews. He was consistently hitting track spots and highways in North Jersey but had a good presence at a few spots down in central/south Jersey. He was always flipping his style too, making up pieces on the spot. Tone was the cleanest painter out of all my friends, is still and will continue to be inspiration to them when it comes down to graff. He had the cleanest lines and freshest new styles all the time. 12oz: What else did he do? for work? for fun? What were his plans for the future? Tuse: Define was never much of a worker. He could only hold a job for a week or two, not because of lack of skill but just because that wasn’t his thing. He even lied to all of us once saying that he worked at Gamestop for weeks but he was just going there mad amounts to exchange and sell shit. He’d always been a gamer and computer geek. The dude could shred on the skateboard too, and like I mentioned earlier he was a true hip-hop fanatic. He started making beats and even laid down a couple of tracks in his time. Closer to his death his production was starting to become really on point. 12oz: You mentioned that you made a hundred copies of the zines total and that 100% of the income would go to the family. How can people order the zine? What are links that they can use to reach you? Tuse: You can order the zines over at our Deny Everything Store and all proceeds go to his family. If you have questions or anything, or if you would like to donate some money to his family to help them through hard times you can email me using the form on the Deny Everything Store page. Text and Photo: Daniel Feral

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