Zine Review: Bum Cum Vol. 1 Focuses on Crushed NYC Doors

By - Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Bum Cum and Bheir just published a beautiful little zine of NYC door photography. No introduction, no credits, no commentary, just black and white photography of doors covered with tags, stickers and wheat pastes. As Bheir touched on in conversation with 12oz, this zine is part of a design aesthetic that originated in 12ozProphet publications, and has become a tradition continued to be utilized in many graff zines, including Ray Mock’s Grilled and Daniel Feral’s Signal. Bheir, a 12oz alumnus, took some time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions… 12oz: Why the title Bum Cum for a volume of photographs of graff grilled doors? Is the graff metaphorically a bum’s cum all over the door? Bheir: Bum Cum and I (Bheir) got inspired one day to create a zine. Me having tons of door photographs that I’ve been saving for over a year, and him having dope ideas. So we put our minds together to release Bum Cum Volume One. And no there were no homeless dude’s sauce on any of those doors (at the time, at least, or so I’d hope). 12oz: Why is there no introduction or any other text in the zine? Anything you want to say about the zine here? Bheir: There’s no introduction because we both felt there shouldn’t be any text other then the title and whatever you see already on the doors. It is a 46 page black and white book of doors that were shot over a year’s length in both the Lower East Side and Brooklyn. 12oz: Who are the two creators, Bum Cum and Bheir, and what are their backgrounds? Bheir: Bum Cum is a mysterious young lad who’s just here and there doing stuff from time to time he’s a man of little words… as for Bheir, well, I’m just some dude who goes out and takes photos pretty much every day, rain sleet or snow, no matter what and enjoy seeing shit bombed out… 12oz: It came with two stickers by Jec FAA. who is he and the crew, and how is he involved with the zine? Bheir: JEC is some kid I grew up with in the same neighborhood. He pretty much offered to throw in some stickers while we were in our last step of printing and as for FAA, it’s my family, we’re all brothers, we all do the same shit, hang out and inspire one another. 12oz: how many in the print run? How is it printed? how much does it cost? How can people get it? Bheir: There’s enough printed for everyone. I can say that it’s printed on some not-your-ordinary zine type shit. and it costs 10 bucks for the regular version or 15 for the limited one. You can get it by e-mailing bheir@ymail.com or bumcumnyc@gmail.com. 12oz Note: The zines are 5.5″ high x 4.25″ wide. Cover stock is a black, matte linen paper with the title printed in a glossy black so that you can only see it when light is reflecting on it. The insides are printed in black and white on a heavy, glossy stock. 12oz: What are plans for the future? Bheir: We are releasing a Bum Cum white version, which will have new doors and we might change a few things around but that’s for us to know and for everyone to find out… Word! Text and Photo: Daniel Feral

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