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By - Thursday, August 14th, 2008

years ago i approached the chicago based writer joe meno about illustrating one of his stories for a collaborative based project show i was in. so myself and evan hecox made some drawings and printed up a little newsprint zine with one of his short stories that we gave away at the show. i really enjoyed the process and have stayed in touch with joe since. a year or two later we were talking and figured wed try it again but on a bigger scale. so he compiled 20 of his short stories and together we choose 20 artists to make illustrations to go with them. joe then came up with the idea to donate money we would have made from it to the 826CHI reading center. the book includes art by todd baxter, kelsey brookes, ivan brunetti, charles burns, nick butcher, steph davidson, evan hecox, kim hiorthoy, paul horschemeier, cody hudson, caroline hwang, kozyndan, geoff mcfetridge, anders nilsen, laura owens, archer prewitt, jon resh, jay ryan, souther salazr, rachell sumpter, chris uphues. it was a great project to art direct and design (and i ended up illustrating one of the stories as well) and im excited that we were able to help 826CHI out while making a fun project at the same time. it looks like the book should start hitting book stores this week. until then heres a little preview…… cover illustration: chris uphues charles burns evan hecox geoff mcfetridge caroline hwang kozyndan rachell sumpter anders nilsen souther salazar steph davidson you know i had to sneak some stuff in as well…..

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