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  When I was researching my book , I needed a UK photo connection. My co-pilot Monica LoCascio , steered me to Frank “Steam 156 ” Malt. This bloke was like Martha and Henry rolled into one except he was a writer as well.
I met Frank at Tuff City and his passion for documenting the art of graffiti was very evident.

He had a slew of photos of himself standing next to famous writers. This impressed the hell out of me since it showed a tremendous amount of respect for the artists who created the work he has spent the last quarter of a century documenting.

When he sent me the book I was skeptical. So many books look like pamphlets with very little substance. This book exceeded my expectations and has an element I wish I’d put in my book: Quotes from the artists that explain the methods to their madness. The eloquent intro by British legend Drax was a departure from the mono-syllabic drivel you get used to seeing when many writers are quoted. The photos are stunning and diverse, ranging from photo-realism to elaborate productions to wild style burners in every color of the rainbow. I don’t normally think of the UK as a graffiti Mecca , but after peeping Frank’s book that’s gonna change.


Here’s the link to cop it:


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DraxWD - Friday February 22, 2013 at 12:12 PM...


Note: The quote next to my name above is not by me…

Well done to Frank for putting such a nice book together..

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