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By - Monday, October 10th, 2011

Prior to TERROR 161’s exposing him to his epic tome, GRAFFITI 365, this was Hizzoner’s take on graff:: The N. Y. TIMES NEW YORK DAY BY DAY ; Graffiti and Koch By Susan Heller Anderson and David W. Dunlap Published: March 14, 1985 Mayor Koch, visiting the Frederick Douglass Intermediate School in Harlem yesterday, failed to raise much emotion when he talked about putting undercover police officers in schools to combat drug use. But he got an unexpected reaction in response to his statement on graffiti. The Mayor said that graffiti were offensive and ruined the atmosphere of a community, and that anyone who was caught should be punished – perhaps by serving a prison sentence after the third offense. The school’s art teacher, Doris Manigualt, disagreed. As Mr. Koch was leaving the school, at 2581 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, near 149th Street, she argued that he was indicting graffiti without recognizing its artistic aspects. ”Do you want to hear me or do I have to just leave?” the Mayor told her. ”When you tell me that I have to say it’s O.K. for students or anybody else to mark up public buildings, you lost me.” My man was a little hesitant at first about what to make of my book. I guess he liked what he saw ’cause…… {image-1} Nuff said! {image-2}

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