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By - Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

When I came back home on Saturday I found a package at my door. It was from Bluster. Inside was SERVE’s new book.. An hour later after going through it, I was shaking my head torn between Depression and Pride. The depression was due to the fact that Serve is SO prolific, and has mastered so many styles, that he makes you brutally aware of your own weaknesses. The pride is because Serve and I came up together in the 145th Street train tunnels in the mid 80’s, and seeing how far he has come, how he has evolved, and to see this testament to his work makes me proud. Stylistically, Serve was a son of the One’s. His early work reflected his apprenticeship in the style clinic of the FBA masters Kaze & Tack. But then over the years something happened that is hard for most Graffiti artists to do, he EVOLVED. Not only did he absorb and master the styles of Broadway, but he went back into the previous volumes of the elite dynasties in Graffiti, among them TDS, TFP, and TMT. Somehow he managed to take elements from all of these disparate philosophies and methodologies and merge them into something completely his own. This is clear in his book which is like a PHD level master class in New York lettering styles. The fact that the books smells like Design markers is another stroke of genius. Bruce Lee used to say that he made the animal sounds he used when he fought to confuse and distract his opponents, because when you do battle you need to use EVERY tool at your disposal not just the obvious punches and kicks. Utilizing the sense of smell in this book is brilliant, and reminded me of that philosophy. For those with visions of grandeur, hoping to do battle with this man, Be Afraid! SERVE-at-145th2-648x476 The young Master student at the One’s circa 1985 SERVE-BLACKBOOK2-648x447 A page from Serve from one of my old 80’s Black Books

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